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Month: June 2010

web optimisation

I’m really interested in the dark art of web optimisation. Lots of people tell me that we need to do this, that and whatever.

So, I’ve decided that, from a completely cold start (this site came into existence in its present form three days ago) I’m going to try and optimise it.

My starting point is to add a link to the number one website for web optimisation according to Google:

I’m very keen on updating

I’ll be in France very soon with Ian Fitzpatrick and I’m really looking forward to sorting out the photos for

the website for owners and visitors to our house in France

the website for owners and visitors to our house in France

I’m going to attempt a travelogue with WordPress updates throughout the journey from my iPhone. Probably won’t be updated here because I just use this for testing things out so go to and add some comments to let me know if it works (or not!!)

…while I’m on the topic of films…

I’m often asked what is my favourite film. At the moment it’s El laberinto del fauno, otherwise known as Pan’s Labyrinth.

life is beautiful

…is the name of a fantastic film which I love which starred Roberto Benigni. If you’ve not seen it you must!!


This is a test sent from my iPhone

First wordpress installation using RC 3.0

This is my new, wordpress-based, personal website.

I use this mainly for experimenting with websites I’m working on.

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