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pool update – job done!

Here’s the pool this evening. Probably too much chlorine to get in just now (and too cold!). Will be fine tomorrow and another hot day in prospect.

pool update – day two

Nearly there now!

final pool update for day one

It’s a shame we don’t have any Choc Clor but I’ll get on to that tomorrow:

pool update

Here’s the result of this afternoon’s work. Not bad, even if I say so myself. Definitely worth a couple of cold beers!

the pool project 2011

There are lots of frogs in the pool, judging by last night’s loud chorus!

new sun loungers

I’ve spotted these sun loungers in Intermarche in Montpon.

They’re 490 euros for both loungers and the table. They’re very comfortable and could also double up as bases for the air beds. We could keep them in the main bedroom out of season.

If you click on each image and then click the image again you can see the full-sized picture.

iPhone 4

Today’s challenge has been to transfer everything from my iPhone 3GS to my new iPhone 4(!). Very excited to have the new high quality phone but no-one to share Facetime with – can anyone help?

Now done the backup and restore – has it worked? ……………..

Well, Angry Birds is there!! Push notification approved but the real test is whether texts have made it. Not there yest – it’s started from level 1-1. Hmm.

Now for texts: NO!!! back to July 2010 – why’s that??!! Needs to be sorted.


Here’s an extract from my post from last October:

Frankel will, of course, win the Dewhurst so include him in all multiples (currently 8/11).

No betting yet for Saturday but currently best 5/6 for the 2000 Guineas. Better bet than last October!

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