A couple of years ago Stephen emerged on social media (Twitter) as an occasionally sweary video blogger. This evening he’s probably calling out Arsenal more vociferously than Piers Morgan. He’s certainly split opinions but what he has done, beyond any perceptions, is to have attracted 15,600 followers and 34,700 likes.

What he has also undoubtedly achieved is to attract lots of new fans of racing through a medium that many people in the business don’t understand. I’m a 54 year old fuddy duddy  but Stephen has often made me smile with his willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve, particularly when it comes to making selections and videoing his before and after snippets.

He’s also secured loads of interviews with big players at racecourses including all the main trainers, including a few real insights. He’s taken more than his fair share of stick from the usual slaggers on social media but, to his credit, he’s stuck with it. It’s notable that some of the best people on Twitter engage positively with him and those that don’t should rethink.

I applaud him for sticking with what he’s doing. I’ve no doubt that he would like to be a part of the presentation of horse racing (e.g. his participation in Racing UK’s Tipstar competition).

Anyhow, he’s turning up here because I’m doing an evening of Cheltenham previews and his are right up there. Here they are:

Cheltenham Part 1:

I like that he’s got an illuminated tree like mine!

“Gwann Da Pad”

Cheltenham Part 2:

Cheltenham Part 3:

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