Our team of expert family lawyers can help you if you want advice or representation in connection with any aspect of family law.

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Our team of expert family lawyers can help you if you want advice or representation in connection with any aspect of family law.

As the availability of legal aid funding for family law cases has been reduced in recent years, we now offer fixed fee family law services for new clients, removing the uncertainty over legal costs that can deter many people from seeking the professional legal advice they need.

Whatever your family law issue, we aim to provide you with professional legal advice to help you when you need it the most. We appreciate that family law advice is often needed at a time when you might be feeling extremely emotional or vulnerable, but it can make all the difference to your situation and the outcome of your case.

Our family solicitors and family law experts aim to give you clear and concise advice, so that you are fully informed and you are able to make a decision about how you want your family law case to proceed.

During difficult times

For many years the family solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg have been helping people who have encountered problems, for whatever reason, in their family life. Our family solicitors and their support staff have established a reputation for providing a professional and understanding service to our family law clients, many of whom are facing very difficult domestic situations such as cases of domestic abuse or child custody disagreements. We use our expertise to ensure that our clients achieve an outcome that successfully deals with their family law issues.

The experience of our family law solicitors can make yours better

It can be tempting to think of family solicitors as dealing only with divorce or the legal issues surrounding the breakdown of a relationship. However this is not the case; in fact we deal with a wide range of problems faced by families each and every day. Our family law service combines expertise with a caring approach dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable people, whether they are children or adults, receive the very highest standards of family legal advice and assistance to help them with the family problems they might be facing.

In reality there are many other situations where you might benefit from the services of a qualified family solicitor. Our family solicitors have extensive experience providing legal advice for children and adults who have suffered from abuse in a domestic environment. We also provide family law advice in cases surrounding the custody of a child, where there may be disputes over custody arrangements between parents or guardians.

We also regularly deal with cases involving the appointment of legal guardians to represent the wishes of children or incapacitated adults during legal proceedings. We work to ensure the best possible outcomes for those at risk, or who are unable to represent themselves due to their age or their physical or mental health.

As family law solicitors, we understand that many people will look for family law advice in situations when they might be very distressed, upset or concerned. At times like these, when you obviously have a lot on your mind, it can be difficult to think clearly and to make the best decisions in situations where you might have a lot at stake. The professional family law experts at Canter Levin and Berg are here to make sure that you have access to the best possible legal advice during these difficult times.

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