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Our expert legal team have a vast amount of experience with redundancy cases and can help you if you feel you have been discriminated against or unfairly dismissed.

If you are facing redundancy, or you have recently been made redundant, then you will probably need independent legal advice, especially in situations where you suspect you may have been discriminated against, or unfairly dismissed.

Redundancy is a form of dismissal. If you are made redundant, you are dismissed because the work you did is no longer needed by your employer. There are several scenarios that can arise where you can legitimately be made redundant by your employer.

Disguising Unfair Dismissal as Redundancy

Some unscrupulous employers may claim that they have made you redundant when in fact you have been unfairly dismissed. There are some questions you should ask yourself if your employer is claiming that they have made you redundant which might point towards your having been unfairly dismissed:

Has your employer recently taken on more staff?

If they have, then it would be hard for them to claim that they were making you redundant on the grounds that there was not enough work to do.

Are you the only person being made redundant, or one of very few within a large company?

If this applies to you, it might be the case that your employer still requires someone to do your work.

Did you have a bad working relationship with your employer?

Often an employer may try to get rid of an employee that they don’t get on with by claiming they are being made redundant.

Have you experienced discrimination in the workplace and have you raised your complaints with your employer?

Either way, the real reason you are being dismissed could be related to this discrimination.

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above and you don’t think that you have actually been made redundant, despite what your employer claims, then you should contact us. It might be possible for you to take your employer to an employment tribunal for a claim of unfair dismissal.

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