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There are very strict statutory regulations to ensure your safety if you are in any type of employment, regardless of whether you are in the office or working on a building site. The regulations provide a comprehensive list of different scenarios to ensure safety in all aspects of employment.

The responsibilities include (but are not limited to) having a safe working environment, safe walkways, safe equipment and machinery, appropriate safety equipment, training and risk assessments.

Sadly, some employers choose to neglect the regulations whether it is due to saving costs, as is commonplace in the current economic climate, or through sheer neglect and lack of care and respect for their employees. This is when the workplace can become a dangerous place and when an accident at work is most likely to occur.

Common workplace accidents

  • Slipping on wet and greasy floors from cleaning and spillages
  • Tripping on obstructions in the workplace like loose cables or tripping on defective or uneven flooring.
  • Injuries from defective work equipment such as drills, saws, trolleys or even office equipment such as chairs.
  • Back Injuries due to inappropriate lifting techniques as a result of lack of training or risk assessments.
  • Falling from a height due to inappropriate work equipment or safety equipment.
  • Injuries due to inappropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as lacerations which gloves could have prevented or eye injuries which goggles could have prevented.

We can help you

If you have had the misfortune to have suffered an accident at work and suffered injury, then we have the expert experience to help you through a difficult time. You may be off work, have suffered a loss of earnings, or incurred other expenses to get you back on your feet such as physiotherapy, etc. These can all quickly mount up.

Let Canter Levin & Berg take the stress out of dealing with your accident at work claim and let us worry about the law and regulations. Whether your injury is small or severe, you can trust us to pursue your accident at work claim to ensure that you recover the compensation that you rightly deserve. We already have for thousands of our clients.

You should not be deterred by your employers in pursuing a claim as the law compels them to have insurance for this very reason. If they have not been negligent then they should have nothing to worry about.

So, why not contact us today to find out if we can help you to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim after an accident at work by calling us on 0151 239 1180 or completing the form at the top of this page.

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