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Injuries caused by an accident in a public place can vary from the modestly inconvenient to life changing. We all need to exercise caution and care in our daily life but sometimes accidents occur because of the fault or negligence of others.

These kinds of accidents sometimes happen in a public place. Local authorities have responsibility for the maintenance of highways and pavements including roads, kerb stones and even street furniture like the iron railings surrounding trees or the public seating areas in a pedestrian zone. Similarly seaside piers and parks and play areas will very often be maintained by the local authority.

If you have an accident in a public place and sustain an injury, the key question to ask is who has responsibility for the area in which you were injured? Generally speaking, the responsible person will be the owner or tenant of the building.

They will have a responsibility at law to ensure that they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that those premises are safe for visitors… that’s you! Some common examples of locations where an accident in a public place can happen are:

  • Supermarkets
  • Sports Stadia
  • Hospitals and offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Car parks
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Car showrooms
  • Retail parks

Legal advice after an accident in a public place

If you have had an accident in a public place then talk to us. We will make sure that your case is handled by a qualified solicitor or an experienced claims handler with expertise in personal injury cases. We will assess your accident and deal with it on a no win no fee basis, pursuing those responsible and to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available for your injuries and consequential losses.

We have been dealing with cases involving accidents in a public place for more than half a century and in that time we have helped thousands of people in similar situations to get the compensation they deserve.

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