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Our professional negligence solicitors have more than 30 years’ experience representing clients making claims against accountants after they have suffered financial losses due to their accountants’ negligence. If the actions of your accountant have fallen below the standard you are entitled to expect from a professional, please contact us to find out more.

The majority of accountants provide a thoroughly professional and competent service to their customers. Accountants are used in a variety of situations by private individuals and business to deal with financial matters. If you have employed someone as an accountant it is only reasonable to expect that they will perform their role professionally and that they will not cause you to suffer a financial loss. However, as our professional negligence solicitors have seen, occasionally things can go wrong and the actions of an accountant you have employed can cause you to suffer a financial loss. Professional negligence claims against accountants can help to recover some of your losses in these situations.

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Accountant Negligence

Most accountants in England and Wales are regulated by one of two professional bodies. Certified Accountants are regulated by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Accountants are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Both of these bodies have formal complaints procedures designed to help people who feel they have been badly advised by their accountants to make a complaint. These complaints procedures are designed to deal with most minor accountant negligence issues you might run into if you are dealing with an accountant.

If you don’t feel that these complaints procedures have dealt with your accountant negligence issue, then it might be time to consider suing an accountant for professional negligence.

Our team of specialist professional accountant negligence solicitors will look closely at the evidence in your case to see if you have grounds to make a claim. We will contact you to provide you with guidance on topics covering legal liability, causation and financial loss. If after investigating your case we decide you do have grounds to make a claim then we will be able to discuss possible funding options for your professional negligence claim.

An accountant negligence claim can be funded under a conditional fee agreement, also known as No Win No Fee.

Suing Your Accountant

In order to make a successful claim for professional negligence against your accountant you will need to prove that the actions of your accountant have caused you or your business to suffer a financial loss.

When suing your accountant, it is important that you have as much evidence as possible to support your case so that you can show to the court how the actions of your accountant and the services they provided fell short of what you could have reasonably expected and that this lead directly to your financial loss.

When suing your accountant it is vital to distinguish the whether the accountant has been negligent or he or she has provided an inadequate service. There is often an overlap between the two concepts. One of the most common causes of a complaint against an accountant is when there is a delay in the service they are providing.

Whilst a delay can be very frustrating, in many cases this simply amounts to inadequate service and is not usually grounds to sue your accountant. Unless the delay has resulted in a measurable material financial loss to an individual then it would not be possible to sue your accountant.

If a delay has caused you to suffer a financial loss then you can make a claim for professional negligence against your accountant to obtain compensation.

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