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Our dispute resolution service can provide you with practical advice to resolve your dispute issues

If you find you have become involved in a commercial dispute as a business owner or a sole trader, our dispute resolution service can provide you with practical advice to resolve the issue.

A commercial dispute, if it isn’t handled effectively, can end up occupying a substantial amount of your time and resources and causing you a lot of stress.

Even a minor dispute could escalate if left, which could have serious effects on your business, damaging your company’s reputation and other relationships you might have and potentially threatening the survival of the business.

At Canter Levin & Berg we aim to understand the needs of your business when it comes to resolving a commercial dispute. Our solicitors will work to resolve any commercial dispute quickly, cost-effectively and with the minimum of disruption to the rest of your operation.

What is a commercial dispute?

Simply put, a commercial dispute is a dispute between two entities that are in a commercial relationship. Whilst most commercial disputes occur between two, or more businesses, it is also possible for a commercial dispute to involve two individuals (for example self-employed people or those working as sole traders) or one individual and a business. The key factor is that the relationship between the parties is of a commercial nature.

​How might a commercial dispute occur?

Even most well managed, proactive business can become involved in a commercial dispute. Whether as a result of a breakdown in trust, poor communication or simply unreasonable behaviour on the part of one of the parties involved, commercial disputes are an almost inevitable fact of life when in business.

Having said that, the way in which you deal with any commercial dispute if and when it occurs will determine the impact it has on you or your business. Getting independent, professional legal advice as soon as you become aware of a commercial dispute affecting your business can make all the difference to the scale of the dispute and the eventual outcome.

After a merger or the acquisition of one company by another

Problems with a merger or acquisition of one company by another might lead to a dispute. For example, the company your business is acquiring or merging with might have undisclosed liabilities or they might be involved in a dispute with another business.

When a business fails to pay its debts

In the current economic climate cash flow is more important than ever. Ensuring that debts are collected efficiently and any disputes relating to the non-payment of debts are dealt with swiftly are vital to the success of your business. We can provide a dedicated debt collection service, as well as intervening on your behalf in connection with any disputes concerning unpaid accounts with a view to achieving settlement without the need for court proceedings.

When pursuing a joint venture with another company

Sometimes two or more businesses will enter into a joint venture in order to exploit an opportunity or to enter a new market. If the joint venture isn’t successful, or if one party perceives it is being unfairly treated by the others, then a dispute might occur.

If there are allegations of professional negligence

If you have employed a professional person or a company to provide you with a service and this service, for reasons under their control, failed to live up to your expectations then it may be possible to make a professional negligence claim. Find out more about this here.

If there are claims of prejudice or unfairness from shareholders

Disputes between shareholders and between shareholders and directors are notoriously involved, requiring immediate action for a suitable resolution.

​How our solicitors can help if you’re involved in a commercial dispute

As specialists in the law regarding disputes, torts and negligence, the solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg have the experience and expertise necessary to deal with a wide range of commercial disputes. Our aim is to provide you as an individual (or your business) with the right legal advice and information about the options open to you to minimise the disruption caused by a dispute.

Resolving a commercial dispute through the courts can be an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why several other legal options are now available to businesses and individuals seeking to sort out their dispute. One of our roles, as solicitors, is to advise you which of the many methods of alternative dispute resolution are most appropriate in your particular situation.

Whether you decide to use mediation to resolve your dispute, take your case to an arbitrator, or go to court, our solicitors will be on hand to guide you through each step of the process. From a detailed examination of the cause of the dispute, through to preparing your supporting evidence and statements and providing advice on the day of the mediation session, arbitration hearing, or going to court, we’ll be there to help.

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