One of the most difficult things to do is to find time to manage and promote numerous websites at once.

I’m expecting creative input for an important new website tomorrow which is going to be the template for two further websites which have to launch more or less now. (I’m rubbish at the creative side of things but I can spot what’s good and what’s not.) Creating the base for the sites is fine but making them work is, as anyone who’s tried it, the real challenge. I can see an intensive few weeks ahead!

I’ve always looked after websites in my “spare time” but I’m drawn to the conclusion that they must now take priority. At least I can focus on what I enjoy most, which is making simple but appealing websites which I’m happy with.

Within the next couple of days I’m going to have at least seven websites under my direct control. Guaranteed that I won’t get a tan this summer, even if I’m doing some of the work at the table next to the pool in France! I’ve already reconciled to missing the plan of lots of horse racing in France in early September and instead focusing on getting these sites working at their best. Do you know, I don’t mind because there is nothing more satisfying than having a website that you feel is as good as it can be. There are loads more better websites but I know that I don’t need to hand the job over to someone else so success or failure is down to me.

WordPress 3 is the way forward. Tried Joomla and Yoo/Zoo in connection with a now dormant project and keeping it simple is the way forward. I looked at my hobby site,, earlier this evening. Princeful is a NH chasing horse I have an interest in but has been off the course for a while so the site has been quiet. Even in six months, the site (with RSS news feeds, a forum and live racing results) looks really dated. I could spend hours updating it but I’m already thinking that a ground up rewrite is the answer.

Am I fazed by it? Not at all! Making websites that work is an immensely satisfying ongoing project as anyone who’s learned the basics knows. Can you change the site to do x, y and z? Yes, and more. It’s a fantastic challenge and made all the more exciting by having to move with technology that’s always ahead of you.

I remember making fires at home and being staggered by seeing colour TV for the first time. Websites are less than a generation old and already we’re looking at what’s coming next!